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Publicity Campaigns, Singapore, January 2015- Usher in the year of the Monkey with delectable festive treats from Joe & Dough to uplift the Chinese New Year celebratory spirit. As a homegrown café chain that is certainly no strangers to incorporating local favourites into their menu, Joe & Dough is introducing a range of festive goodies for the very first time this season. The artisan bakers use carefully sourced ingredients and their expertise in time honoured European baking techniques, adding a premium spin on the traditional Chinese New Year treats.

The year of the Monkey calls for a more refreshing twist with auspicious coffee-soaked red cranberries found encased in the Golden Pineapple Tarts ($23.80) to balance the saccharine taste of pineapple jam. Together with the buttery melt-in-your-mouth crust, this bite-sized treat will leave anyone pleasantly surprised. The Citrus Butter Cookies ($18.80), on the other hand, features gourmet candied citrus peel imported from Ardèche, the Rhône-Alpes region of France. The invigorating tangerine aftertaste that lingers on the palate fits perfectly with delicate toasty-sweet shards of Feuilletine which adds a texturized crunch to every bite. Last but not least, indulge your loved ones with Joe & Dough’s signature Gula Melaka Pandan Cake ($52.00). The latest rendition comes with ground almonds suitably added for a fine texture alongside a more fragrant pandan infused butter sponge, moist and light to the touch. Generously slathered with a layer of luscious Gula Melaka and sprinkled with rich coconut shavings, this will definitely be a crowd-pleaser at any family reunion. Joe & Dough’s CNY goodies continue to stay true to the principle of delivering “Simple, Honest Food”, emphasizing on product quality and paying special attention to every detail. The Pineapple Tarts and Citrus Butter Cookies will be available from 9 Jan to 27 Feb 2016 in limited quantities online and across all outlets. Promotions Enjoy 10% Early Bird Discount with any purchases made from 9 to 15 January 2016. Spend $10 and above at any outlet from 17 January 2016 onwards and receive a free pack of Angbaos (while stocks last)

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