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Products/Store/Brand Launches  |  Social Media Campaigns & Management  |  Branding Campaigns  |  Fashion Show & Events Productions

Media Relations


  • Drafting press release with compelling stories for new launches and campaigns

  • Identification and securing media coverage opportunities

  • Communicating and pitching across different media channels

  • Assisting on media queries and editing answers for media interviews

  • Hosting for media for events, launches and brands activities

  • Strategize mid to long term communication plans in building relationship with influential media and channel owners

  • Planning and execution of creative ideas to attract and sustain media interests



  • Refining brand’s message

  • Identification of target audience (consumer/ambassador)

  • Developing communications and publicity strategies

  • Competitors, trends and market analysis and reporting

  • Consultation on products development to create buzz in the industry

  • Recommendation of events/activities as well as sourcing for partners and collaborations to generate publicity to attract and engage  target consumers if/when necessary


Digital Marketing

  • Identify, nurture and promote community that will speak and defend for your brand and products

  • Identification of ambassadors who are influential to the brand’s community

  • Products and brands seeding with ambassadors

  • Developing campaigns and activities for the community

  • Social media contents and channels management

  • Analysis of followers behaviors and engagements


Events Management

  • Events communication strategies and conceptualization

  • Vendors and suppliers managements

  • Budget and manpower managements

  • Coordination with sponsors and partners

  • Drafting and executing of strategic communications plan to maximize publicity around the events 


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